Friday, March 14, 2014

Over the County Borders into Bedfordshire

One of my information pages deals with The Importance of Understanding Administrative Boundaries ant it is important to realise that, apart from part of the Eastern Boundary, which is marked by the Rivers Lea and Stort, Hertfordshire has no natural boundaries. In some places the boundary runs along an ancient road - for instance Shire Lane, near Hastoe. In other places it is marked by a footpath across the fields or an old hedge row, and in some cases it is an invisible line through a wood - for for instance at Ashridge. This means that our ancestors came and went across the county boundaries without even noticing them! This is very relevant in the case of non-conformists who lived in Hertfordshire but attended chapels in the adjacent county.
The Burning of the Wesleyan Church, Dunstable, Sept 14th 1908
For this reason some years ago I decided I would add short information pages for towns and villages along the borders but due to lack of time it never got very far. In some cases I had acquired some typical post card views - and some had been scanned and were already on this site - but I had never made them accessible. I have now corrected the matter by restructuring the page for Bedfordshire and creating a page for Dunstable - with links to Studham, Caddington and Kensworth, which were in Hertfordshire but which are now in Bedfordshire.

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