Friday, March 21, 2014

WW1 Nursery Rhymes - Sing a song of Zeppelins

There is currently a lot of work being done in schools to make the pupils aware of what happened in the First World War, and many will be writing about it. But of course children were writing about the War a hundred years ago and there are references in the school magazines of the time.  The following comes from the December 1916 issue of The Mortonia which is based on "Sing a song of sixpence." 
Sing a song of Zeppelins --
How the monsters fly -­
More than twenty Germans
Rushing through the sky.
When our airmen bombed one,
How the people cheer!
Wasn't that a thrilling feat
For our gracious King to hear?

The King was in his Council room
Talking to V.C.'s.
The Queen was in the dining room
Serving soldiers' teas.
The Kaiser rushes East and West,
And curses as he goes.
Let's hope one of our "dicky birds"
Will soon peck off his nose.
[If you know of any examples of contemporary school work mentioning the war let me know as it could be of interest to people who are preparing teaching material for schools 100 years later.]

See later post Ten Little Zeppelins

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