Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It looks obvious - but don't jump to conclusions

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In 2001 I answered a question about the Holliday family of Berkhamstes. Now Diana has drawn my attention to the fact that in 1861 William Holliday (46, born Berkhamsted) and Charles Holliday (37, born Berkhamsted) were both living on the tiny island of Tresco, in the Scilly Islands, off the tip of Cornwall. Charles worked as a house servant for Augustus Smith, of Ashlyn's Hall, Berkhamsted, and self-styled Lord Proprietor of the Isles of Scilly.. William was a farm bailiff, presumably also working for Augustus Smith. 

Surely William and Charles must be brothers - Well No.
Well at least First Cousins - No again
I didn't follow this back further but they can't be better than 2nd cousins .... [Details]

And if this is not warning enough about jumping to conclusions read

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