Friday, January 8, 2016

The "Genealogy in Hertfordshire" web site in 2016

Last November I posted a message relating to the future of this web site, as the support software has been causing trouble, it is no longer possible to keep all the site up to date when new genealogy data bases are rapidly appearing on line. In addition I am getting older and there are other demands on my time.

I have been thinking things through during December, and a incident, not too serious in itself, means that my top priority in 2016 relates to my wife's mobility problems and my role as a carer. As a result domestic matters take top priority - with the major options including either building work on our present house (which means clearing the garage of 45 years accumulation of junk), or a move to another property - which could mean significant downsizing.

I have set the following online priorities for 2016:

(1) If I am to support my wife I need to keep fit and spend less time sitting at the computer. I have set myself the target of circa 200 minutes of brisk walking a week (plus my normal once a week swim covering 1km). My target is to become merely "overweight" by the middle of the year. To make the walking more interesting (so I don't become bored and give it up) I will continue my current practice of taking photographs recording Tring and the area and post them on my blog Recording Tring or on GeographThese may sometimes include matters of historical interests - including comparison old & new photographs - of some interest to regular visitors to this newsletter blog.

(2) There are been some interesting development relating to the research project I did some years ago - and I need to do more work in this area., with details on my other blog Trapped by the Box.

(3) The Hertfordshire Genealogy News blog and the Genealogy in Hertfordshire web site will continue with the priority on answering on-subject emails - and I hope to add several "new" old post card views a week. I will also pass on news items such as details of relevant new publications - as long as people let me known of suitable interesting items. If there are not many such items blame other readers of this newsletter who were too lazy to tell me news of interests to other readers -  as in future I will not have the time to dig out such items for myself. Major updates of the site are not planned, although several unfinished projects may appear when I can find the time to finish them off. 

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  1. Best wishes with your future plans, Chris. You gave me a lot of help when I was researching my Holinshead tree, just as you helped so many others. It's only right that you should put your wife first.


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