Saturday, July 30, 2016

Restrictions on the "Ask Chris" facility

Due to a variety of reasons the time I can spend on the site has become more limited and I have decided to impose the following restrictions on the Ask Chris service:
Temporary Restriction on Service

There is a considerable backlog of maintenance and updates to be done and as a result I can no longer offer such a detailed service until the backlog is cleared. (See introductory page for details).

I still welcome messages and queries sent to on the following subjects:
Corrections and significant new information relating to existing pages (which should be clearly identified as the site contains many thousand pages).
News items (with full details) of events and publications relating to Hertfordshire history for use on the Newsletter
Queries relating to re-use of material on this site
Offers of new digital images of post cards and CDV, etc. (but NOT from copyright books and similar sources) which add to those already displayed on this site.
I am afraid that for the time being I can no longer answer simple birth, marriage and death type family history questions or routine questions about the history of private houses

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