Monday, November 28, 2011

More WW1 Army pictures by Cull of Watford

Hilary has kindly provided a picture of the Hampshire Regimental Band  at Watford in the summer of 1915. 
I have added a picture of some London Scottish soldiers - who may be some of those who were the first territorials at the front and were slaughtered. (with quotes from the London Gunners come to Town). 
There are also two pictures which may date from 1916, representing the City of London Rifles and Middlesex regiments, including one portrait of a single unidentified soldier. I have also moved the pictures of the Isle of Wight Rifles to another page.

It is now possible to draft an initial time line for Harry Cull's First World War photographs - but if you have any additional photographs of troops in Hertfordshire, especially where the unit, place, date and/or Hertfordshire photographer is known let me know as every little helps to improve the time line of which troops were based where in Hertfordshire,  and when.

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  1. Hi Chris,
    As a footnote to your great article on the London Jocks, I thought I would add a little more colour:

    The Regiment still has its annual dinner on 31 October to commemorate that battle and all of the fallen since.

    Many London Jocks have seen service in both Iraq and Afghanistan, with some individuals about to embark on their third combat tour of Helmand province. Not bad for part-timers.

    Kind regards,

    R. Gray (of Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire)
    The London Scottish


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