Saturday, May 19, 2012

Buntingford Pictures lost in fire - Can you help?

 A plea for help has recently appeared on Rootsweb relating to Buntingford and I have decided to repeat it here

"Beedan" ( is looking for photographs taken by a Mr Philip Plumb and writes: My Grandfather lived in Buntingford 1925 -1932. I have a copy of his extensive his obit which is the only info I have on his life. All our family photos were destroyed in a fire here in Australia in 1960 (moved to Australia  in 1954) I am sure that there are photos of my father and his siblings available during their time in Buntingford. I want to try and find someone in Buntingford who would be willing to help me.  

Obviously most of the pictures on Buntingford on my site show the place before his grandfather was there, but perhaps someone has the right contacts to see what is available. I am asking Beeden to supply some more information on the people who might appear in pictures by posting details as a comment.

There is an additional general point. Have you digitised you old family photographs, with documentation to identify the subjects, and made multiple copies to be held by different members of the family in case tragedy strikes ...

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  1. Alison reports: "I am happy to report that I have uploaded photographs of his grandfather Sidney and his three children - Sidney, Joan and Elsie - onto my Buntingford in Old Photographs Facebook page."


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