Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm feeling a bit cut up ...

Yesterday I went under the knife at High Wycombe Hospital as a day patient. Everything seems to have gone as planned so far - except that having asked me to come in at 7.30 am for the morning list (having not eaten in the previous 12 hours) they then transferred me to a different consultant's list in the afternoon so I was left sitting around in the hospital for seven hours unable to eat anything! After the operation I was given instructions as to what to do while recovering, first from the general anesthetic, then concerning the removal of the stitches, and finally over the next six weeks.

"She who must be obeyed" attended the debriefing and added some additional rules about being generally careful and taking things easy. This directly affects some aspects of this web site and lifting heavy weights is officially out, which I am sure will be interpreted as not lifting some of heaviest items off my library shelves, or rummaging through boxes of books and papers. (Believe it or not, the first query I got on returning from hospital will require looking things up in a vast pile of old computer listings stored in the garage before I can provide a full answer.) However other aspects of living will take longer and I am expected to spend more time "putting my feet up."

Last month I warned you that I might be a bit slow in seeing your email in my inbox for a couple of days .... and in fact succeeded in posting more than one new post a day! This time I am taking the matter more seriously so if there are gaps in the delay postings or delays in responding to emails during October don't be surprised. 

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