Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Wig Making Factory in St Albans in the 1930s

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Bernards Heath
Brenda wanted to know about the Wig Making factory where her mother worked in the late 1930s. I said the firm must have been H & P Nagele, 49 to 53 Heath Road, Bernards Heath, St Albans. They are listed as "Wig Makers" (the only ones in Hertfordshire) at this address in 1933 and 1937, but not 1929. I have no information for the war period but after the war (in 1949) the occupier of 49 Heath Road was Heath Road Garage, run by Kenneth Staines and H. R. Woollett. I have posted some information on a Hermann Nagele who was probably involved. Can anyone provide more information on the St Albans Factory?

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  1. Brenda commented by email saying: I never thought to ask mum the name of where she worked, I just knew it was up Bernards Heath. After working there she made wigs at home for a company from Nottingham the lady she worked for said mum was one of her top wig makers, she was sent ones to do for 'special people', I guess not many others could afford a wig then, some were film stars. We didnt have a telly in those days as mum needed to sit under the light in the middle of the room so she could see better. It was such intricate work, its a wonder it didnt affect her eyesight.


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