Sunday, October 13, 2013

More about future plans for this site

In August 2013 I posted a note on the Newsletter: The Future of this web site - Thinking ahead 2013-2018, on the realisation that I cannot go on running for ever. As a result over the next year the site will be kept running but I will be concentrating on several activities as follows:
  • Documenting material relating to William Brown, Estate Agent, of Tring, prior to depositing the material in a suitable archive.
  • Documenting unique Hertfordshire material from family (such as my recent postings on the Aldenham Harriers and First World War remounts) and other sources, and finding a suitable archive where appropriate.
  • Making material available from notes for a book I had planned to write on the history of Bernards Heath available in time for the Sandridge 900 events.
  • Preparations for the August 1914 anniversary of the First World War. I hope to get all the relevant information I have online and restructure the Military section of the web site. I will be concentration on the troops stationed here for training, those who went to hospitals in the county, and the photographers who took pictures of them, and their activities, but concentrating on the area covered by my book The London Gunners come to Town (approximately the modern boroughs of Dacorum, St Albans and Watford).

I will continue to answer questions as before, but possibly in smaller numbers, and additions to the "place" pages will be limited, with more emphasis on the west of the county. If you want news of activities such as meetings, new book publications, etc., mentioned in the Newsletter the onus will be on you to let me know, as I will have less time to monitor all the web sites and blogs that might contain relevant news.

[This text, and any updates to the plan, will appear at the end of an updated Introduction page to the web site.]

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