Sunday, May 18, 2014

I'm "Under attack" from the Ukraine - Are they also attacking your blog?

The default statistics with this blog are somewhat limited - giving the top ten activities for the last couple of hours, the last day, week and month and for all time. Typically about 20% of the recorded visits appear to be from countries where I would expect little interest in the history of Hertfordshire or the people that lived there such as Russia and China I I take it for granted they are not genuine visits. Over the last few weeks a new country has appeared in the recent top 10. Last week Ukraine almost overtook the United Kingdom in top spot!. In a typical visit 8 pages are viewed in a minute (surely not a human visitor) then nothing for an hour or more, and then another 8 views in a minute, and another long pause. Yesterday I had 56 Ukraine views (= 8*7)

So what is going on. My statistics also includes a list of referring URL - and they are trying to get the URL of their criminal site onto the top 10 list in my blog statistics. They hope that if I see a URL I don't recognize I will be stupid enough to visit it and they can then download their malware onto my web site. So beware - if you have a blog or web site and get unexpected visitors - be on your guard and never never never visit URLs listed in your statistics just to see what is at the other end.

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