Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ten Little Zeppelins - First World War Poem by Winifred Cook

Ten Little Zeppelins
Ten little Zeppelins
    Flying in a line,
One got far out to sea,
    Then there were nine.
Five little Zeppelin
    Making such a roar,
One exploded with a bang,
    Then there were four.
Nine little Zeppelins
    Flying rather late,
One had a dreadful end,
    Then there were eight.
Four little Zeppelins
    Buzzing like a bee,
The R.F.C. caused one to squirm,
    Then there were three.
Eight little Zeppelins
    Flying up to Heaven,
One pilot had a smash,
    Then there were seven
Three little Zeppelin
    Bombing Sister Sue.
She stuck a pin in one,
   Then there were two.
Seven little Zeppelins
    Admiring English ricks,
One got hay-fever bad,
    Then there were six.
Two little Zeppelins
    Frightened by the gun,
One made off for Germany,
    Then there was one.
Six little Zeppelins
     Made a swanky dive,
One took it much too low,
    Then there ware five.
One little Zeppelin
    Feeling very lonesome,
English gun shot high and sure
    Gave it back its ownsome.

Following the interest in my earlier post Sing a Song of Zeppelins I have decided to publish further First World War School Poetry.

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