Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A brief report on June 2014

A quieter month, and while there were 27 new posts there were quite a few "light weight" ones (such as notifications of meetings, etc) which will only interest a few of you, the number of visitors was down. Part of the reason is that I have spent quite a bit of time getting my other blog, Trapped by the Box, back up and running after a period of neglect, and I plan to spend more time on that blog over the next couple of months, as past history suggests people spend less time on genealogy during the summer months.

My plan for July is to answer all suitable queries and to post the answers online within a week. In addition I would like to get at least half a dozen small projects out during the month, and a varying number of small items (such as news of forthcoming meetings, more postcard images, old news, recipes, etc). I would hope at least a third the posta will be related in one way or another to the First World War. However I currently have at least a couple of year's worth of new material waiting to go online - but most of that will have to wait.

So make the most of the summer, and we can all get down to more serious research when the evening get darker.

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