Friday, December 16, 2011

William Walby's Inquest, 1890 and Warren Wood, Hatfield

Following on Ann's recent query about William Walby (see  Was your ancestor a game keeper?) there have been three relevant updates:

  • Ann has provided the press cutting of William Walby's inquest - when it was determined that he accidentally shot himself. The account is a very good example of how Victorian inquests were conducted. I have added brief noted on all the people involved.
  • The inquest shows that William Walby's employer was Charles Butler, of Warren Wood.  I have added a copy of a photograph and biography of Charles Butler from the book Hertfordshire Leaders together with a picture and further information on Warren Wood house.
  • I have added to the original posting a map of Hoppett's Wood showing where William Walby's cottage was.
In addition Ann has reported that William's father-in-law, William Webb, was also a gamekeeper and was the principle witness in a 1853 murder, an account of which appears in the Brookmans Park Newsletter.


  1. Hi Chris,

    Just found this article. Ann posted on the Brookmans Park Newsletter about this.,3471.msg27939.html#msg27939

    And I have since put her piece (with her permission) in the Brookmans Park Newsletter's History section.

    We could do with a few pictures. Is the image you included above copyright free now and able to be used?

    Also, I have posted in the site's genealogy section inviting any local people who are researching their family history to consider posting in the forum with a view to the best being reproduced in the site's history section.,3472.msg27945.html#msg27945

    Keep up the good work.

    Happy New Year


  2. I have added the link to the Brookmans Park article to my page about Walby.

    There is no problem about you using the picture of Charles Butler - for details of the copyright policy on the Hertfordshire Genealogy site click on the © on the home page.


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