Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chalk Hill Rifle Range, WW1, at Sandridge or St Albans?

The Military
As part of the research into the First World War in St Albans Jon has discovered a possible "Chalk Hill" in the parish of St Michael [more information]. If this is correct the question then arises as to whether the firing range in Sandridge was used during the war - as it was an obvious and available training resource.

While on the subject I am still trying to find the location of Briton's Camp, which was clearly in the countryside somewhere near St Albans.

Late News: Jon has contacted me with definite evidence of where the Chalk Hill and Gorhambury Firing Ranges were from the Herts Advertiser of 10 October 1914 and the web page has been updated accordingly.


  1. Chris, your search for Chalk Hill might take you to a section of Watford Road, near Ragged Hall Lane, which today bridges the former M10. Before the motorway was constructed Watford Road dropped to the valley floor and rose again to Chiswell Green. At this point it was called Chalk Hill. Watford Road had St Stephen's parish on one side and St Michael's parish on the other. Could the range have been on the west side of Watford Road near this point? Worth investigating.

    1. I have had a number of emails on the same subject by email and details can be seen by following the "more information" link on the original post. There is now little doubt that the Chalk Hill range was where you suggest.

    2. Just came upon this site. We used to live in 'Buttfield View' the other side of the M10.
      When we moved to Gillian Avenue in 1980, an old chap, since moved away, told me that the range was definitely where you suggest. I have no other details. Mick Wilson.


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