Sunday, March 18, 2018

Watford Photographers - Dating early photographs and post cards

Unknown school photograph by J. Russell of Watford circa 1910
By Basebe & Son
circa 1910
I have just had a query about Watford photographers but unfortunately it was sent via an anonymous comment on this Newsletter - which means I cannot reply directly. Instead I post below a list of all the pages on the main web site which currently relate to Watford photographers and post card publishers. The names in larger print are ones which are known to have taken portraits or group photographs. In general the rest are only known to me because they have published post card views.

 7th Battalion, 2nd London Division, taken by Harry Cull, Watford, probably in 1914
The above pages are all part of the Genealogy in Hertfordshire web site which, for technical reasons, will be moving shortly into full archive mode. This means the information will still be available online, but it will be impractical to add more information.There are a number of pages which clearly could benefit with an update (more sample pictures/backs and biographical information needed) Fortunately there is still time to add more information - making the archive  more useful in future.

Note that this study only covers Victorian photographers and up to the end of the First World War and later pictures are not of interest

If you can help by sending me examples of named Watford photographers' work (digital images of the picture AND the back) together with any supporting information I may be able to approximately date it and use it to illustrate the work of the photographer. (While I will not be able to identify portraits an approximate date could well help you to work out who it might be.)

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