Monday, January 27, 2020

January Updates

Many pages have been updated (heading has a blue background) and new cards, or higher resolution images have been added. The more important changes have been described on Latest Updates - and include the following interesting cards:

Donald McGill was one of the most significant post card artists at the time covered by this study, and I have created a page giving examples of his work for various publishers.

This card, shows a mother with a pram, has no signature or publisher but is in "Series 3097" along with other cards that are very probably by "F S."

This card was published by Vertigen and shows an aeroplane flying over the sea. It was posted in October 1910, a year after Louis Bleriot had flown across the English Channel

This card, by Dauber. replaces an earlier version where the image was partly obscured by a printed Christmas message