Saturday, August 10, 2013

Coombrook House School, Hemel Hempstead

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Hemel Hempstead
My mother went to Oakley Lodge School, run by Miss Emily Brocklehurst, in 1916, and by 1922 it had become Coombrook House School, and continued until about 1960. I have just had a query from someone who was there in the 1950s who wants to know more about the school at that time. As this site does not normally deal with matters less than about 100 years ago I was unable to help, beyond suggesting she tries to make contacts with other pupils through sites such as Friends Reunited and Our Dacorum (part of the Hertfordshire Memories network).
Can you identify any of the pupils in this 1922 picture?
I would be interested to hear from anyone who knows about the early days of the school - and if you can provide information on its final years I will certainly pass the information on.


  1. I was there in 1953-56 and have a press cutting of when `Brockie` lretired. I would love to get in touch with other people from those 3 years.

    1. As mentioned in the original post this is not really the web site for making such contacts and I suggest you try and make contacts through "Friends Reunited" or "Our Dacorum".


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