Monday, July 27, 2015

Spring clean and upgraded pictures for Abbots Langley

See larger post card images of Abbots Langley
One of my top off-line priorities is to get my paper & digital library of books, post cards, etc., related to Hertfordshire better organised - and I have just started on the post card collection - starting with Abbots Langley. As a result I have added some new images and more than 20 images (those with blue edges) expand to 1024 pixel wide size on clicking. This will allow you to include higher resolution pictures in your family histories - but please remember to include a reference to the "Genealogy on Hertfordshire" site. I have also used the opportunity to spring clean the many pages involved, including correcting some broken links to external sites.

EVERYONE NOTE: Going steady through Hertfordshire village by village starting at "A" will take well over a year so if you would  like me to like me to upgrade the village where your ancestor lived let me know by means of a comment below and I will do it out of alphabetical order. This will mean I give priority to places which people are currently interested in. (Requests for towns may take a little longer ...)

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