Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Have you got a real brick wall that is falling down?

Some of you will know, from exploring my web site, that I have done a lot of research into St Albans brickmakers - and I am always interested to hear about buildings which are built with bricks from Jacob Reynolds' brick works on Bernards Heath which can be identified by the letters "J R" on the frog.

Other bricks had different markings. 100 years ago this year J Fenwick Owen took over the brickworks at Digswell Hill, Ayot Green.  These bricks were marked with the word "AYOT" and I have just had a request to find one that is clearly marked. So do you have a brick wall made of AYOT bricks which is falling down as I know someone who wants one. Alternatively do you know of a dealer in second hand bricks (often used when building work is done in heritage areas where the new brickwork need to look old)?

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  1. Anthony emailed me to say "There is solid biographical information on wheathampstead.net supplied by Rob Owen son of Derek and grandson of Joseph Fenwick Owen Jr."

    He added "Flight Lieutenant Robert Fenwick Owen DFC Service No. 84914 died in action 22 December 1941 (CWGC). In the National Probate Calendar his address is The Cottage, Hill End Brickworks, St. Albans. The citation for the DFC can be found in the London Gazette of 25 July 1941. "

    I have updated the Owen Brickmakers page accordingly.


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