Monday, June 11, 2012

Dating Valentine Post Cards

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I recently purchased a post card of Hatfield House which was photographed in 1886. And how do I know? The card was published by Valentine & Sons, Dundee, and was numbered 6470 - the number being the negative number.  St Andrews University have a major post card archive, and have produced a list relating the post card number and the date the negative was taken.

I am building a list of numbered Hertfordshire post cards and if you know of other numbered Valentine cards I would love to add details to my list.
I have now (February 2013) set up an illustrated list of the Valentine cards I have of Hemel Hempstead, with higher resolution images of the cards and also information on their backs as part of some research to get a better understanding of what the publisher was doing at what dates.


  1. Chris, Did you know that Tuck now have a database of old postcards? it is

  2. Valentine Series postcard numbers.
    St Albans Abbey Doorway, S. Transept 9624
    St Albans Abbey 9642
    Market Place and St Peters Street, St Albans 60060
    Choir and Screen, St Albans Abbey 95025
    Choir, St Albans Abbey 95027
    Clock Tower And Archway, St Albans 95029
    Market Place, St Albans 95035
    By The Ver, St Albans 95042
    St Michael’s Bridge and Church 95044
    War Memorial and St Peters Street 95048
    St Peters Street, St Albans 221064
    French Row, St Albans 221067
    St Albans Abbey and Lake 221072
    Garden and Old Monastery Gate, St Albans 221087

    I can send images if you wish

  3. I have found a few more J.V numbers on other photos, apart from postcards. they are:
    St Albans 3295 and 6261
    (Image shows Duke of Marlborough and Holywell Hill)
    St Albans 3300
    (Image shows Town Hall and Market Place)
    On The Ver At St Albans 5906
    King James Drawing Room, Hatfield House 6159
    The Cloisters, Hatfield House 6160
    South Aisle, St Albans Abbey 6237
    St Albans Abbey From N.E 6311
    Hatfield House From N.E 6410
    Old Palace, Hatfield House 6468
    Hatfield House From New Pond 6472
    East Front, Hatfield House 6474
    The Chapel, Hatfield 9513
    (In Hatfield House)
    St Albans Abbey From E. 9641
    Hatfield Church 9644
    (St Etheldreda's )
    Nave W. St Albans Cathedral 11192
    The Fighting Cocks Inn, St Albans 18162

    Writing in brackets is not written on the photo, but for means of identification


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