Friday, June 1, 2012

May Stats and Future Plans

The site continues to be popular with page views of this Newsletter increasing to 4,399 in May while the number of visitors to to the main site has increased from 19320 in 2010 and 20059 in 2011 to 21241 this May. So far this year £445 has been raised for the Mentally Ill in Hertfordshire (target after 5 months £500) which is a little disappointing but better than last year.

However I am probably going to have to cut back on the time I spend on Genealogy in June as a number of problems came up towards the end of May, including a computer "bug" which corrupted my computer diary and resulted in my missing an important hospital appointment because I didn't get an "automatic" reminder. Perhaps aggravated by the hot weather I became over-tired and have made a number of mistakes in some recent postings. In addition my office has become so untidy I can't find anything. So I have been getting over-stressed and increasingly depressed - and the post Candles for Lucy was a symptom of how I was feeling.

I have therefore decided to relax over the Jubilee holiday period and then spend the rest of the week getting my office into order. I will also be looking at ways of running my life - including this genealogy service and my other blog - which keep the stress levels low and ensures that my health has top priority. This all means that if you have contacted me in May and are still waiting for a response you are not forgotten - but there could be a week or two delay in replying.

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