Monday, April 30, 2012

Who has been stealing from my bird feeder (off topic)

I regularly feed the birds in my garden, with hanging feeders, fat balls, ground feed and apples for the blackbirds. (The apples were a great bargain - our Tesco overstocked on a special offer and I got 20 bags at a greatly reduced price.) The sunflower hearts prove very popular from the hanging feeders - with regular visitors such as goldfinches, greenfinches, blue tits and great tits, robins and even the occasional chaffinch - which is normally a ground feeder. However they are very fussy and all tended to avoid the green topped feeder, despite the fact that it contains the same food.. That is until a few days ago when the level of the seed dropped suddenly.  A thief had been at work ...

The culprit was a wood pigeon who discovered that if it landed on a slender branch near the feeder its weight bent the branch just enough to take it near enough to reach across to the opening. It was really comical as the branch was continuously on the move.

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  1. An update for December 2017. I am still busy feeding the birds (but no cheap apples available) but this year there don't seems to be so many birds - the most exciting being a blackcap on the feeders - but because my computer is in a different room I don't spend so much time watching. Definitely the number of Goldfinch are down - and the only thief seen is a squirrel!


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