Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fred Downer of Watford - A leading Victorian Photographer

Pictures can greatly contribute to a interesting family history and this site has always included information on old post cards - which provide information on the early part of the 20th century. The existing pages need some re-organisation and updating, and more needs to be done on the earlier Victorian photographers and their work. I have decided that the best way in is to select one photographer and examine his work in some detail - and the obvious one to chose is Frederick Downer, who started out as a photographer in 1862, and who seems to have moved with all the technical advances - including a brief flirt with moving pictures in 1909 and publishing an illustrated newspaper in 1914. 

There is a lot of work to be done, including examples of his early work which I can reproduce, and tje approach I am taking is to publish some initial pages (in some cases still "under construction") so you can see and comment on what I am planning. The pages I have started so far deal with his biography, portrait photographsstereo photographs, view post cards, news post cards, the Watford Illustrated and art work.

I would hope to expand coverage to include at least some of the following - and if you can supply me with relevant digital images (or can tell me where they can be found) I would be very grateful:

Portraits in oils or charcoal (possibly from photographs)
Studio Photographs - including those with painted backcloths
Group pictures
Early Views (cabinet or carte de visite - not post cards)
Pictures with horses
Lantern Slides
Moving Pictures (circa 1909)
Books, etc., illustrated by his photographs
Work by the Watford Engraving Company
If you can let me have digital scans, proper credit will be given.

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  1. Worth bearing in mind is the marriage at St. Marylebone Westminster of David Downer and Sarah Westmoreland 12 December 1936. Anthony


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