Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A Merry Christmas from "Genealogy in Hertfordshire"

A Merry Xmas from Fred Spurgin
"F S" produced several different sets of Xmas cards. In 1906 they were published by the London View Co. Ltd. and  appeared with a holly border. The series "Kiss me under the Mistletoe" may have been published the same year.

In 1907 (after the London View Co had closed) the publisher (if any) was Vertigen and the message appears in a box surrounded with holly.

In 1908 (when the Crown Publishing Co, St Albans, existed he appears to have produced no Xmas Cards,

In 1909 Spurgin Xmas cards were published by Watkins & Krake and were signed using the name Dauber.

In 1910 similar cards were produced to the previous year, but published by the Avenue Publishing Co in the Paternoster series.


After a rather disruptive year - when the Genealogy in Hertfordshire site, and this blog, got very neglected - I am now hoping, to get the "Catalogue of F S Post Cards" (related to the Crown Publishing Company of St Albans) into a better long term structure (see latest Updates). In addition I hope to include some updates on other projects relating to Hertfordshire.

Have a good relaxing Christmas