Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Quiet Week on the Genealogy Front

I had planned a quiet week this week as I had a minor operation in my diary - which was postponed when I turned up at the day surgery centre and tests showed I had a bacterial infection! At the same time there was very little email to answer - and I have also been busy on my other blog Trapped by the Box in recent weeks - which meas less time to prepare material for this site.

Sent to Canada from Watford: I recently commented on a post on Rootsweb which involved a child who was born in 1895, was with foster parents in 1901, and was sent to Canada in 1907.  It is possible the child was born out of wedlock and I commented:
At the time many such accidents were frequently hidden - either by adoption or sometimes by the grandmother taking the grandchild on as her own in later census returns, etc. On other occasions the child would be informally passed to childless relatives (or friends) who wanted children, and of course there would then be no formal record of the transfer. Another possibility, which seems the most likely in view of his being sent to Canada, was that he became the responsibility of the Watford Union (who ran the Work House, and who would have fostered younger children out) as the authorities were keen to get such youngsters off their books by sending them to places like Canada.
Back to Wilstone Reservoir:
The view from the hide in October
 In October I published some pictures taken at Wilstone to show the features revealed by the low water, including the medieval fields - and water levels continued to fall until March.Since then the reservoir has filled right up and this morning I revisited the area as one of my almost daily walks to help keep fit. You haven't had any recent pictures of the Hertfordshire Countryside - so here goes.

The same view from the hide this morning
The Medieval field and the quarry use to provide earth for the dam in October
The Medieval Field area this morning - nothing but water

Water pouring down the overflow at Wilstone Reservoir
A Congregation of Coots at Wilstone
Swan "Upping" at Wilstone Reservoir

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