Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Don't be a prisoner in your own house? Why not do some more local and family history research

I may be 82 in a few days time and suffer from asthma (fortunately only mildly) but I have no intention of being bored over the coming months. I want to be sure my mind remains active - and you may find historical research is a good way of avoiding watching the news on TV.

Published by the Crown Publishing Co., St Albans, in 1909
I admit I have rather neglected my "Genealogy in Hertfordshire" web site over the last year and the current crisis gives me time to add updates based on pictures and documents in my office that has not yet made it online and which should be in the final archive. These will definitely include more information of Bernards Heath, St Albans, and information on the early marketing of "Lawes Patent Fertilizer" (developed at Harpenden about 180 years ago). I may add details of books that, until now, had not been reviewed and add more higher resolution pictures of Hertfordshire post cards. To lighten the blog I will also regularly include comic post cards linked to the Crown Publishing Company of St Albans.

In addition you can help by visiting my web site and providing information about existing pages which would add value to the web site to the surviving generations of family and local history researchers. 

Two such updates are already in the pipeline - both relating to different Watford Photographers. Trevor has found the missing 1891 census return for Colville Dyke and as I result I have been able to provide detailed information as to what he was doing in Sittingbourne. Darren has provided some early views by Fred Downer and as a result I will be updating the information on Sopwell Priory, St Albans. If you can make similar contributions they will be gratefully received. In fact when I post further messages on this blog I will suggest where there a holes that need filling which you might like to explore.

All significant updates to the web site will be reported on this blog.

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