Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What did your parish church own in 1552?

While Henry VIII confiscated much church property some items of value still remained in the parish churches and in 1552 a commission was arranged to make a list of the remaining items. John Cussans transcribed the original records in Church Goods in Hertfordshire. I have copied the entry for Tring - which still had 5 bells in the steeple, a sanctus bell, two chalices, and various vestments for the priests to wear. 

If you would like to know what your ancestor's church held in 1552 simply add a comment naming the parish of interest to you and I will post details.


  1. RE: "What did your parish own in 1552"? Chris, I am always trying to learn more on the OLD Thundridge church that was torn down in 1853 and moved to Wadesmill. (I paid a visit there in 1996). Do you you have any information on the old Thundridge parish.

    Murray Miles
    South Ontario, Canada.

    1. Hi Murray
      I have added details of the 1552 records, and also a video of the present ruins and churchyard, to the existing page on the church - and details have now appeared on a new blog post in this Newsletter.

      [I suspect you hadn't visited the main part of the site - which includes links to all the old Hertfordshire Parishes - and which would have led you to a very detailed page on Thundridge Old Church.]


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