Monday, June 18, 2012

Conservative Party event, St Albans, 1910

The complete program describes an event held by the Primrose League and the Conservative & Unionist Associations at St Albans in 1910.  A large number of personal names are mentioned and if your relatives are among them they probably supported the Conservative party.
Surnames mentioned: Abbott, Andrews, Ashdown, Beal, Boys, Briscoe, Buttenshaw, Clark, Clarke, Cliff, Collier, Cubitt, Dangerfield, Dean, Dickinson, Dickson, Dixon, Dodd, Dunham, Dunning, Faulkner, Finn, Ford, Freeman, Garner, Giffen, Gow, Gray, Hill, Hine, Hosier, Howard, Hunt, Hunter, Lindley, Litchfield, Marshall, Maygrove, McCowan, Mitchell, Newell, Nicoll, Nott, Phillips, Popplewell, Prichard, Prime, Randall, Reynolds, Richardson, Rolph, Salisbury, Sargent, Saunders, Scott, Sharp, Symons, Watts, Webdale, Whitby, Williams, Winch, Wright, Young

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