Monday, June 25, 2012

Some more short news items (June 2012)

Child Labour ... I was intrigued that the web site Origins has the text of the 1842 Children's Employment Commission Report online. This includes interviews of employers and children from factories from all over the country (but not Hertfordshire which was not heavily industrialized, although at this date there were some Silk Mills) and the stories make interesting reading as first hand accounts of everyday life in the early Victorian factories. I first came across this report some 50 years ago when I was researching my wife's Phipson ancestors in Birmingham, and discovered something of the conditions in their pin-making factory. 

Some Buckinghamshire Pages ... When I have a few spare minutes I am adding short pages on the Buckinghamshire parishes adjacent to the Hertfordshire boundary or the Wendover and Aylesbury arms of the Grand Union Canal. I have now added pages for Aylesbury, Bierton and Chenies

Nettleton Concert ... A comment on the earlier posting has provided more information about George Gaffe.

Valentine Cards - Andy has provided some numbers on early photographs and these have been added into the list of numbers and dates.

Inns of Court, World War One, Berkhamsted ... In reply to a query on the Rootsweb Forum I posted links to the relevant information on this web site.

Doodlebugs over Broxbourne ... In January 2011 I mentioned that Gavin wanted to know whether his ancestor's house had been hit during the second world war. Sarah has now emailed to say the house survived and she has a picture taken in about 1990.

The Mayor of Stratford upon Avon ... Anthony has pointed out that R. Latimer Greene was Mayor of Stratford upon Avon 1891-4 -and I have altered the Wells Pavilion Theatre  Company page appropriately.

Inappropriate Comments ...  While I always appreciate comments from people who visit my site and say how useful it is I am always on the look out for a scam. I have just had a friendly comment on The Flowers our Farming Ancestors Saw which ended with an invitation to visit the poster's farming web site. Could be genuine but I don't permit any links in comments unless I have checked them out as genuine, as I don't want readers of this newsletter to be exposed to possibly dubious web sites. Checking out the site's URL showed that it was a very new site where no name and address of the owner was given on the URL register! - and while at a quick glance the site looked genuine there was no contact information - just pages of text with lots of adverts, and no sensible linking editorial to state what the site was trying to do. A slightly deeper look and the site's selection of material didn't even make good farming sense - and a sample check showed that the pages were simply ripped off other web sites. The comment has now been deleted as spam.

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