Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vaisey & Turners (solicitors) records for Tring

Tring Solicitors Records ... Many important historically important documents come from solicitor's offices. Some time ago the Tring Local History & Museum Society discovered there a trunk of documents, which had come from the Tring solicitors Vaisey & Turner, were now with the Aylesbury Solicitors Wilkins. It appears that the documents were later passed to the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies, and they passed documents relating to the manor of Tring to HALS. They are not yet in the online catalogue but a draft list of the documents has been produced and as our first house in Tring was in Henry Street I was interested to see the following entries which suggest a possible date for the house.
Thomas Smith Cowell to James Ball of land in Henry Street, Tring (May 1858)
Thomas Smith Cowell to William Crawley of three cottages and land in Henry Street, Tring (May 1858)
These are among the earliest documents in the collection - most being later in the 19th century. The  records refer to many hundred names and properties. When I have time I will provide more information on the Tring pages - but ask me if you have a particular interest.

I am sure that other documents, dealing with the Buckinghamshire side of the boundary, and probably some cross-boundary matters, are in the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies, but are not yet indexed in the Access to Archives data base

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