Saturday, September 10, 2011

Waterfield, Heronsgate, Chorleywood, identified

Waterfield House, circa 1902
 Last month I was able to locate this house to somewhere near the Land of Liberty public house. Judy has now provided a photograph (circa 1902) and sales particulars from 1953. The additional information strongly suggests that Waterfield was immediately to the east of the public house, where The Hollies (a small development of modern houses) now stands.

Judy also tells us the story of how Jane Camp went to Canada to marry Charles King, who she had never met!

DON'T FORGET ANY DOCUMENT CAN CONTAIN ERRORS. Two maps over 100 years apart that were used in answering the query  incorrectly identify the location of the Land of Liberty public house. The 1898 OS map has a pointer which goes right past the pub and points at Waterfield, while Google Maps has the name in the wrong place, while the real location is easily determined from Google Street View.

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  1. The date of the photograph has been refined as Emma Camp died in April 1903 so the picture cannot be later than that.


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