Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Changes to the Blogging Arrangements

In order to make the site easier to run the blog has been moved to a conventional blog site  which you are now looking at. This provides more facilities for me to communicate changes and more facilities for you to follow changes using standard blogging software. It also makes it easier for me to post details of ephemeral items, such as notices of family or local history meetings without have to update the main web site.
  • The new blog is at www.hertfordshire-genealogy.blogspot.com but it is possible to move between it and the old embedded blog in the same way as before.
  • Changes will be made as they occur, with the blog entry bring made once the new information is online, rather than about once a week as at present.
  • Because potential readers will have a number of ways as monitoring changes, and because the number of Twitter followers is comparatively small, the Twitter feed is being stopped. once the current change is completed.
  • The change will affect the statistics as people will be entering the blog directly on many occasions. While monitor records will be kept and assessed at the end of the year, the monthly statistics will be produced in a reduced form here.
  • The old blog pages are reproduced here but some entries may have some difficulties with the formatting.

    During September there were:

    18499 visits to the site - of which 5090 were repeat visits
    9636 page views to 3214 different pages

    The Editorial blog was visited 485 times.
    Referrals came from 122 different Wikipedia pages

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