Thursday, September 22, 2011

Local Newsletters --- and the Sandridge Strike of 1873

Many villages, small communities, churches and local societies throughout Hertfordshire publish newsletters. They are produced by volunteers, sometimes monthly, sometimes quarterly. Typically they contain local news and adverts, and sometimes they contain useful articles of a historical interest. They may distributed free to local households, or available through a local shop - perhaps the post office assuming that has not been closed. In many cases copies are not deposited in the local library or at HALS. This is a pity as such documents can provide a valuable record of contemporary life in the locality - and also a source of historical information not easily available elsewhere. If your ancestors come from an area  which is covered by such newsletters it can be very difficult to locate any articles which might be relevant to your research.

I was reminded of this when a copy of Neighbourhood News arrived through the post. It is sponsored by the Sandridge Parish Council for everyone in Sandridge, Marshalswick and Jersey Farm and published four times a year. This issue contains the first part of an article on the 1873 Sandridge Agricultural Strike. There is no need to rush out and obtain a copy as the article is based on material from this web site. 

However if you get one of these local newsletters it is worth checking whether there ar reference copies in the local library and HALS and if you send me details I will be happy to post details of interesting historical articles on this blog so that other people are aware of what might be available.

Let me know if you know of any local newsletters  which could frequently include articles of historical or genealogical interest.

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