Saturday, August 22, 2015

How should this be correctly transcribed?

How do you think the following place/street name entry should be recorded?
It comes from the 1881 census from the Rickmansworth area.
I would be interested to see if people agree - so make a note of what you think it is and record it as a comment after reading on - so I can compare the different ways people read it.
I was reminded of this when Eleanor wrote to update a page on the Nutter family relating to answers I had given in 2004 and 2007.  The above had been transcribed as "John Bridge Lane" and as it was assumed to be a road/street name the transcriber had then applied "ditto" to the following entries. Searches failed to reveal anything which could be "John Bridge Lane" in the area but searches for the people who lived there show that the 1901 census puts them firmly in "Colne Bridge House" and I subsequently note the 1882 trade directory also lists them at "Colne Bridge House." (If you don't know the River Colne runs nearby ....) I note that it is still shown as "John Bridge House" on FindMyPast and have put in a correction. I will be interested to see if they accept it.
I look forward to seeing your comments as to what you thought it said.

For many other examples of how census returns can be wrongly indexed see ... 


  1. john bridge house

  2. Hi Chris.
    I'm interpreting this as Coln (sic) Bridge House. I know that the River Colne flows to the south of Ricky, and although I'm not sure about the particular building, it might become more logical if you know the approximate location from the street given or the enumerator's route.


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