Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Hertfordshire Countryside Index and sales on ebay.

I have now decided I must slim down my library and sell off unneeded and duplicate items on ebay - which I am doing under the name chris_from_hertfordshire. I have also made a rule that I should not buy any more items to use on this site until I have raised enough money to pay for them!  I had this policy some years ago, and ended up with the large library which now provides significant information for this web site. In recent years I have done very little selling and too much buying and as a result I have been heavily subsidizing this site from my pension.

In addition to selling off surplus and duplicate books I will be trying to reduce a pile of duplicate copies of Hertfordshire Countryside. To sell a copy I will need to include some details of the contents list in the advert and its seems silly to waste the effort. Some years ago I started to index early issues so that you would know about the interesting articles they contained (and as I have copies you know you can ask me about the articles). I plan to add the contents lists of items I am selling online and as a result I have now added the contents lists of Summer 1951, Autumn 1952 and Summer 1963 - and more will be appearing as sales hopefully continue.
My current items for sale

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