Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Postings will be irregular for the next month or so.

Some of you will have noticed a three day gap in postings over the weekend - which was due in part to getting a new camera, and a number of visits to churches, etc, to take photographs when they were open because of the Bike & Hike event. There are likely to be further similar breaks over the next month. The biggest distraction will be a nine day visit by a friend we made in Australia over 20 years ago (preceded by a house spring clean - including a trip to the dump later today). Next comes .... ...

I am booked for two different day surgery operations which will almost certainly mean taking it easy for a few days after each. In addition I will almost certainly want to spend some time getting to know my new camera better - and may combine this with the need to get more exercise on country walks as otherwise my doctor will be complaining I have stopped loosing weight! As part of the plans to get my library of Hertfordshire books, post cards, etc.,  into better shape I will be weeding out duplicate and unwanted material to sell on ebay.  Finally I have been neglecting my other blog Trapped by the Box and am supposed to be starting to prepare a talk on human evolution for our local U3A Science & Technology group.

Despite all this I still very much welcome comments, news items, requests for information, updates on queries I have previously answered, etc. Such items will be given priority over normal updates, and cheer me up as they remind me that at least some people find the site useful, especially at times when there has been few recent charitable donations.

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