Friday, August 30, 2013

Old Hertfordshire Recipes - Brown Pea Soup

Brown Pea Soup

About 3 pounds of Beef, and half a pound of pickled Pork {Bacon makes it taste of smoke} a handful of white Pepper, 2 Onions, a pint and a half of split pease; six quarts of Water. Let them stew down 3 hours; put not any salt in until the last, and very little is wanted. Fry some Bread in Butter, then cut dices. Put it in your Tureen with a very little dried Mint. Some spinage boiled in Water by itself, put in the Tureen. You should put in two hearts of Celery at first with the Meat whole; and when it has boiled one hour & a half, or until it is tender, take it out and put it in the Tureen, after it is cut in thin slices. When the Soup is ready to serve up; strain it into the Tureen, and take particular care when it is strained, that there is not any Fat in it.

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