Saturday, August 17, 2013

Delays in responding to emails, etc.

At the beginning of my July Report I wrote

The original plan was that I took the month quietly but there were 29 posts and over 5900 visitor views on this newsletter, and over 22,000 to the main web site. The real problem was that I spent too much time on the site, and with holiday breaks, etc., other matters got neglected
A few days later, in discussing the future of the site I added
The "hidden" library in its widest sense (it includes quite a lot of non-genealogy material) occupies far too much of our house for comfort - is not cataloged - and the spare room is required for a visitor in a few weeks time!
OK - Our Australian visitor is soon to arrive, the spare bedroom is not yet ready, and over the last few weeks I have received far more emails and comments than usual, in addition to the daily pile of easily ignored circulars, etc. So far this month I have sent out over 30 emails (mainly in reply to ones I have received) and there are others still waiting for action in my inbox, in some cases from July.

I may have even less time to spend on the site, or replying to non-urgent emails, until our visitor leaves towards the end of September - and if there is a significant delay in responding to your post please accept my apology.

P.S. The comments "Cool", "Cool", "This is Great", Fantastic" and "Gorgeous" were posted on different posts on  the newsletter by an undoubtedly criminal troll using the names "Celia", "Theron", "Chase", "Carrissa" and "Humberto". All were initially held until I checked them and have quite rightly been rejected as possibly dangerous spam, and reported to Google as such. The criminals who post such messages on hundreds (if not thousands) of blogs is hoping that someone will wonder who "Clarrissa" is and click on the name to see where the link takes them. If you click you could end up with something unpleasant - such as being infected with a virus.

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