Saturday, August 3, 2013

Finding the Ind Ancestors of an Baldock Brewer

Miriam was having difficulty in finding the parents of James Ind - the earliest "known" brewer in the history of the Ind Coope Brewery group. Prior to his marriage the surname Ind was effectively unknown in Hertfordshire and none of the contemporary records (which included a newspaper report of his death) gave any indication as to his likely date of birth. I therefore decided to closely consider the evidence available in the marriage register - which supported his social status - and included a witness, Robert Ind, that could well be his brother. Records in HALS and in early newspapers support the link between Robert and James, and provides an age at death for Robert.

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With this information family search came up with brothers James (baptised 1754) and Robert (baptised 1756), the children of Robert Ind and his wife Ann Ralph who married in Huntingdonshire in 1749. I also found another James Ind, a farmer in Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire, who might represent an earlier generation. As the Fenstanton farm included a maltings it is possible that the brewing history of the Ind family can be pushed back two further generations - but this will need more research in Huntingdonshire records to establish. For details of this wide-ranging research, which brings together information from many different sources, see IND, Baldock, 18th century.

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