Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Watford Photographer & Miss Lena Love

When you start a piece of historical research you sometimes have no idea where it will lead. As I am currently rushed of my feet I was looking for a quick item for the next update of the web site. I recently purchased a carte de visite made by Dyke & Coy., of 96 Queen's Road, Watford. A quick check of the Hertfordshire trade directories showed that 1890 was the only year Dyke was listed. I foolishly thought that a short page with a copy of the picture and a brief timeline would only take a few minutes. It turns out that Colville Dyke (or Col. Dyke as he sometimes described himself) was not just a photographer. Little did I realise that, many hours later, I would still be busily chasing the seductively named Miss Lena Love all round the country.

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