Thursday, February 13, 2014

Old Hertfordshire Recipes: Fricassee of Tripe

An excellent Fricassee of Tripe

Cut the Tripe in pieces, and stew it down very tender with a quart of good strong Broth. If for a large Dish, Your Broth made with Beef and Mutton well seasoned with Pepper, Salt, a Faggot of sweet Herbs, and parsley and two Onions. After your Tripe is stewed down, take out of that liquor and put it into a Tasser [vessel] that you design to shake it up in. Take the fat off from your Broth, and then put about a Pint or rather less of it into the Tasser with the Yolk of Eggs beat well; better than half a pint of Cream, a little Nutmeg grated; half a Dozen Cloves, 2 Blades of Mace; a little Butter dipt in Flower, and shake it up together over a clear Fire. Put in the juice of half a Lemon, and two Spoonsful of White Wine if you like it. Take care it does not turn. When thick and well relished to your Taste, dish it. There should also be put in about a Gill of Mushroom Buttons.

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