Sunday, December 13, 2015

James Coles of Water End Farm

James William COLE (1851-1923)
David Cole writes: My grandfather Charles Percy COLE (1884-1966) was a member of the family of James William COLE (1851-1923) who inhabited Waterend House soon after your ancestor Dolphin Smith left there,  i.e. from around 1878 until at least 1907 when my grandfather emigrated to Canada.
I note the following facts:
  • Waterend House and Farm were part of the Brocket Estate.
  • The 7th Earl Cowper (1834-1905) owned the Brocket Estate c1900.
  • His grandmother's name was Lady Henrietta Frances nee Cole (c1781-1848).
  • Her husband, Thomas PWR De Grey (1781-1859), rebuilt Wrest House in Wrest Park. Beds. in 1839 and the De Greys & Cowpers lived in Wrest House until 1902. Wrest House is 3 miles south of Haynes Church End, Beds.

  • The father of James William COLE was Daniel COLE (1814-1898) who was born in Haynes, Beds which is 1 mile east of Haynes Church End.
  • Daniel COLE grew up in Hammer Hill farm very near Haynes. He was living in Haynes immediately after his marriage.
  • In 1848 Daniel COLE married Emma nee COLES from Cotton End, Beds (no record) Their first child Maria Ann Cole was born in Haynes, Beds in 1850.
  • Daniel himself probably lived in Haynes from 1814 to 1850. His close relatives probably stayed near Haynes even longer.
So James William COLE rented Waterend Farm from Earl Cowper,  the grandson of Lady Henrietta Frances COLE and there were common links with Haynes, in Bedfordshire. Could this be a coincidence?

I am not in a position to answer this question at the moment - but perhaps readers of this newletter can help. For more information see my Water End Page and David's Waterend page going into more detail.

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