Monday, February 8, 2016

More Dixon Bricks from St Albans

Roger has come up with two very different examples of brinks made by W. A. Dixon, of St Albans. One (shown here) is a quality squint brick, which may have been machine made, and the other is best described as "grotty" and seems to be hand made, of very poor quality, and still contains small stones.
For Information on William Alexander Dixon's brick works in the Bernards Heath area of St Albans, click HERE.
This post reminds me that some years ago I collected a lot of information on 19th century St Albans brickmakers - but have not yet transferred the information online - and I will try and clear some of the backlog during the year..

I also understand that the St Albans Museum has downsized it collection of St Albans bricks. I am not sure how comprehensive the collection was, but as much of St Albans was built of brick a reference collection of dated examples could be useful. It makes me wonder whether other collections, of particular use to researchers, have been downsized as part of the planned move to the old Town Hall building.

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