Saturday, February 13, 2016

Thomas Potten and Caldecote House, Aldenham

Marina provided two excellent pictures of Thomas Potten and his wife Ellen two add to the information already online on the Potten family of Watford. They are particularly of interest because they can be dated too a few years and so provided addition examples of the Watford photographers that took them.

When I originally answered Marina questions the British Newspaper Archive was not available - so I decided to see if I could add anything from this valuable source, I found a reference to Thomas Potten when he was working as a gardener for William Drummond at Caldecote House, Aldenham and as a result I have created a page on Caldecote House, with particular emphasis of the time Thomas was working there. 

I also found a reference to a cricket match played between Caldecote House and Stanmore in 1874. A quick check on the list of players suggests that most (if not all) of them did not live in Aldenham - so might have been house guests. Can anyone identify any of them?

I would also love to have a picture of Caldecote House of Aldenham (or Bushey Heath) - Does anyone know where I might get one?

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