Thursday, January 26, 2017

Delays in responding to genealogy emails

Don't get too worried. I am not actually confined to bed but various factors, including a bad cold I caught before Christmas, have aggravated my Asthma and the picture represents how I am feeling at present.

Since Christmas I have had a number of emails on various matters - and the fact that people are still using the site and asking questions or suggesting updates, cheers me up - and at the moment I need cheering up - so getting even more genealogy emails is fine.

However if you are one of the people whose email is in the queue to be answered be assured that I haven't forgotten you - but the reply will have to wait till I feel better and cleared some of the more important domestic duties which have also been neglected because of my health problems.


  1. Dear Chris, Sure hope you feel better soon. A reader

  2. Hope you feel better soon - I always enjoy checking the newsletter to see what nuggets you've posted recently.

  3. Hope you are feeling better Chris. I enjoy checking in often to see all your interesting articles and photos! Best wishes from Canada, for a complete recovery real soon!


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