Sunday, December 11, 2011

One Place Studies - North Mymms, Preston and Therfield

If you are very interested in the people who used to lived in the place where your (or your ancestors) live you may want to set up a one place study. Sites are intended to include transcripts of censuses and other lists relevant of genealogists. Currently there are three such studies running for Hertfordshire (all accessed from the relevant palace page on this site) .

  • The excellent Preston web site is run by Philip Wray and contains extensive indexes and much historical information.
  • The long menu to the left on the Therfield site run by Martin Hagger reveals a wide range of transcribe goodies that makes me wish I had an ancestor with connections in the village.
  • The North Mymms site contains the contents of many books relating to North Mimms and much other historical information - but does not include (as far as I could see) any census or other transcriptions of lists of names of the former inhabitants.

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