Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day and History

Whatever you believe, contemporary Roman accounts tell us that if the story in the Bible is true in its reference to Herod, we can be certain that Jesus was not born exactly 2011 years ago today. What billions of people celebrate as the birth of Christ is a nominal date chosen to represent a historically important event where there is insufficient evidence for precision.

So, whether you agree with Linus or not, enjoy the day in the way that you personally feel is the most relevant to your beliefs. Remember, when the celebrations are over, and you return to family history, that you cannot expect to find reliable records taking your ancestry all the way back to Adam. Family History research is a wonderful way to relax - as long as you don't get distressed when your research is blocked because no precise records exist. Remember that part of the fun is that history is full of uncertainty, and there are often different ways of interpreting the material that has survived.

So Happy Christmas to you all

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