Monday, December 26, 2011

A Flaming Boxing Day Surprise.

WARE Hertfordshire postmark 1907 on a faded interesting RP but untitled

The above advert appeared on ebay just before Christmas. Just because the card was posted in Ware doesn't mean that the picture was local to the Ware area or even from Hertfordshire. While the RP (real photograph) was very faded the architecture was clear and there appeared to be some people milling around. I thought it might make a possible mystery photograph for this web site - as some of you might recognise the building. So I put in a bid and won it for less than £2 (including postage). 
     The card arrived with the last batch of Christmas cards before the holiday. During a break in activities I slipped back to the computer to give it a quick scan - and put the digital image through the Paint Shop treatment. 
     And I became really excited when I discovered what the people were looking at ...
To find out what I found look below the fold.
The Ware and Hertford Steamer Fire Engines at St Edmunds College, Standon, near Ware
In fact the card was titled but the title was so faded it wasn't visible before enhancement.

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