Sunday, February 19, 2012

The village of Hunsdon gets a makeover

The village of Hunsdon have had a virtually complete makeover as part of the continuing programme of improving the web site.  The single Hunsdon web page has been replaced by:

Hunsdon - a new "master" page with menu and pictorial links to other pages relating to the village. It included a list of the gentry and tradesmen from a 1902 directory.
St Dunstan's Church - Three new post card inmages, one showing damage to the spire from lightning strike. There is an account of memorials from 1807, and a number of links to other related web sites.
Hunsdon House - A post card image from c1905, an early 19th century engraving for Lord Hudson, and several accounts. the domestic staff list from the 1891 census, and several external links.
The pages for Hunsdon in 1746, and the book Hunsdon & Widford have had been reformated.
In carrying out these changes I discovered that Hunsdon House employed a resident "engine driver" as a domestic servant in 1891. What was he doing? Had the house installed electricity and required an engineer to run it? Any ideas?

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